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Learning music is a life time process but we at string wings aim at simplifying the process by structuring it in such a way that we ensure systematic and perfect learning 

String wings provides able guidance by an amazing team who teach under the guidance of founder Phaninarayana. 

String wings provides both one on one sessions and group classes which are based on the requirement of the student. Both have unique features. While group learning helps students critique and learn from one another, one on one learning helps in mastering the skill to the next level. 

Whatever is your pursuit in music, be rest assured that you are in the right place.

So fasten your seat belts and to take a exhilarating musical ride with string wings.

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Upcoming Events

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Stringwings Studios

StringWings studio solely offers anything and everything related to music recordings, 

Great for tracking, live recording, mixing and mastering for TVCs, Film Songs, dubbing, and Scores and Music Albums.

Geared with the latest pro audio tools
Well equipped mixing room with industry leading mixing tools
A capacious and well sound proofed room

Keeping the creative process in mind, we have designed a space that fosters, facilitates and inspires creativity and innovation.